Whew! What a Summer!

Well here I am FINALLY posting again, and AGAIN I'm already looking towards fall!   Have not updated my website in quite some time (will try to remedy that soon!) but thought I'd post a quick update.

I'm looking forward to a visit from Annie & Lauren of Girls from Mars next week, and also Howard Sitron and Ralph Gordon, who will be accompanying us on the week's gigs.   We only have a couple of gigs because we're spending some time to learn some new songs for a new recording to be made this winter.  Long overdue, like so many things!

I sang on Dave Fry's new children's CD, which is due out in the late fall...  it was a long but wonderful day of singing and spending time with my dear friend.

Had a great week at Augusta's Blues & Swing Week, which I co-coordinated with the amazing Daryl Davis.  We're already planning for next year!

Just got back from a short trip with The Coyotes to the mountains of Sullivan County, PA - a town called Laporte, where we played a concert that has turned into an annual thing.

In the coming 8 weeks, my oldest son, Sam is getting married in NYC, have a bunch of gigs with Beats Walkin.  some with Girls from Mars, and a few with The Coyotes.  Doing a pickup jazz gig with Jim Cohen (pedal steel) and a bassist whom I have yet to meet!   Then Rik and I are up in Boston for a square dance with caller and dear friend, Bonnie O'Connor. 

In the meantime, I'm working my day job at Bourne Graphics (sign company) and practicing my guitar so that I can slowly....slowly.... slowly get better at it!

So life is full, life is good.   Hope the same is true for all of you!

 - Wendi

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