A Rather Quiet November

Well, it looks like a pretty quiet month as far as music jobs go. Pleanty of time for the following: THE COYOTES are finally going into the studio to record at least a few tunes... next weekend! We've also just gone live with our COYOTES WEBSITE: www.coyotesmusic.com. Will put the music from the recording both on my website and on the Coyotes website. I've got the staff nearly finalized for Swing Week At Augusta, and need to get promotional materials together for Augusta's website, catalog, and other promotional materials. I'm singing in the wedding ceremony of a young woman whom I've known since she was born... what a great compliment that is to me! And I'll get to sing in the fabulous Basilica Saints Peter & Paul in Philadelphia. Am looking forward to it! Before you know it, the Holidays will be here. Life is good!

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