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Wendi Bourne: News

New CD - November 25, 2015

W&E Swing (myself and guitarist Ernie Pugliese) - are proud to announce the release of our first CD, "Moonshine"!   It is a recording consisting of all songs about the moon:  Moon River, Moondance, Fly Me To the Moon, Moonlight in Vermont, What a Little Moonlight Can Do, and many more.   The CD features my singing on every track, Ernie's guitar playing, and the talents of friends made at The Round Guys Brewing Company's Wednesday night jam session.  Available on

Whew! What a Summer! - August 15, 2013

Well here I am FINALLY posting again, and AGAIN I'm already looking towards fall!   Have not updated my website in quite some time (will try to remedy that soon!) but thought I'd post a quick update.

I'm looking forward to a visit from Annie & Lauren of Girls from Mars next week, and also Howard Sitron and Ralph Gordon, who will be accompanying us on the week's gigs.   We only have a couple of gigs because we're spending some time to learn some new songs for a new recording to be made this winter.  Long overdue, like so many things!

I sang on Dave Fry's new children's CD, which is due out in the late fall...  it was a long but wonderful day of singing and spending time with my dear friend.

Had a great week at Augusta's Blues & Swing Week, which I co-coordinated with the amazing Daryl Davis.  We're already planning for next year!

Just got back from a short trip with The Coyotes to the mountains of Sullivan County, PA - a town called Laporte, where we played a concert that has turned into an annual thing.

In the coming 8 weeks, my oldest son, Sam is getting married in NYC, have a bunch of gigs with Beats Walkin.  some with Girls from Mars, and a few with The Coyotes.  Doing a pickup jazz gig with Jim Cohen (pedal steel) and a bassist whom I have yet to meet!   Then Rik and I are up in Boston for a square dance with caller and dear friend, Bonnie O'Connor. 

In the meantime, I'm working my day job at Bourne Graphics (sign company) and practicing my guitar so that I can slowly....slowly.... slowly get better at it!

So life is full, life is good.   Hope the same is true for all of you!

 - Wendi

Looking Towards Fall - August 27, 2010

Well, here it is the end of August already!   I'm looking towards a busy fall season -  a barn dance in Milton, Mass. with my husband Rik, a Jazz Festival in Swedesboro NJ with Beats Walkin',  a Hayride/Farm wedding in VA with The Coyotes.   

Just came back from a recording date where I sang on Rusty Mason's CD - two tunes: "They Can't Take That Away from Me", and "These Foolish Things" -  accompanied by Rusty (sax), Steve Abshire (guitar), Robert Redd (piano), and Ralph Gordon (bass).  Not too shabby!   Should be out in the fall.

I'm already booking staff for Swing Week at Augusta 2011... that will "keep me out of trouble" during September, as staff needs to be finalized by Oct. 1st this year.  Yikes!   Dates for 2011 are July 31 - Aug. 5.  Be sure to check out the Swing Week at Augusta FACEBOOK page.

All for now... hope to see y'all sometime soon!     -Wendi

Busy Summer!!! - June 17, 2010

Whew!  I'm getting worn out just thinking about it!   This Saturday I'm playing at a wedding in the Baltimore area with Robert Redd (piano), Ralph Gordon (bass), and Steve Larrance (drums) - all buds from Swing Week at Augusta.  Next Thurs - Sun I'm off to the Elkhart Jazz Festival (Indiana) as a spectator.  In July GIRLS FROM MARS land in Pennsylvania for a whirlwind "tour" from the 12th to the 17th.   The following week, a gig with Jim Cohen & Beat's Walkin', and the following week 2 gigs with the Coyotes !

August 1-6 is Swing Week at Augusta then home for a week, then 2 gigs in Beautiful Sullivan County PA (in the mountains) with the Coyotes, followed directly by a week's vacation in Laporte (Sullivan County) with my family.    Its all good...  but.... whew!

Girls from Mars Tour in July - November 2, 2009

Oops! Almost forgot to mention that Annie & Lauren will be in town July 12 - 18 to play some Girls from Mars Gigs... will post soon!

A Rather Quiet November - November 2, 2009

Well, it looks like a pretty quiet month as far as music jobs go. Pleanty of time for the following:

THE COYOTES are finally going into the studio to record at least a few tunes... next weekend! We've also just gone live with our COYOTES WEBSITE: Will put the music from the recording both on my website and on the Coyotes website.

I've got the staff nearly finalized for Swing Week At Augusta, and need to get promotional materials together for Augusta's website, catalog, and other promotional materials.

I'm singing in the wedding ceremony of a young woman whom I've known since she was born... what a great compliment that is to me! And I'll get to sing in the fabulous Basilica Saints Peter & Paul in Philadelphia. Am looking forward to it!

Before you know it, the Holidays will be here. Life is good!

Off to Laporte this weekend! - August 12, 2009

I'm heading off to the cool Pocono mountains thie weekend for a Coyotes gig Saturday night at the Laporte Community Center.  Laport is a tiny little town in a rural area - our good friend, Judy Foley has put this together for us 8 years in a row!   Rik and I will go for the whole weekend... much R&R and music for fun, as well as the concert.  We've become friends with some of the summer residents of Laporte - there's a beautiful lake and lots of trees & critters (I'm especially fond of the hummingbirds, who will come very close if you stand still!).  Judy and Dick are such enjoyable folks to hang out with, and the BEST hosts!

Off to Swing Week at Augusta Soon! - June 30, 2009

As coordinator of Swing Week at Augusta (, i'll be very busy in the coming three weeks, putting the finishing touches on plans for this year's Swing Week. I'll be there from July 26 - Aug 1st. If you know anyone who's interested in learning more about playing, singing, or dancing to swing music, this is the most AMAZING experience. There's nothing quite like immersing ones self in an art form - with like minded people for a whole WEEK! Impossible to explain this experience except to say that it is FUN and life changing. Can't wait to be there!!

It was a Great GIRLS FROM MARS Tour!! - June 14, 2009

Well, Annie & Lauren have returned home to Santa Fe and Amherst. We had a GREAT week last week! Played at the Lansdale, PA Whites Road Concert Series, the Peter Wentz Farmstead concert, and then went down to play for the Washington Swing Dance Committee's dance at the Spanish Ballroom at Glen Echo Park, where we played for over 400 dancers! What's next? We're planning a short tour in Santa Fe in the spring of 2010.

Hear Wendi on WZLT 92.1 FM on 3/19 - March 18, 2009

Jim Albertson has been playing a song I wrote, "The Change of the Seasons", every time the seasons change, on his radio show for many years. The song was recorded by Jean Farnsworth and this is the recording he has played so faithfully for so many years. It is an acapella song that I wrote while driving to & from work at Sam Goody's. THANK YOU JIM, and CONGRATULATIONS on your move to WZLT! -W.

Wendi Accepting Guitar Students - December 29, 2008

Starting in January, 2008, I will be accepting a limited number of guitar students. I can teach in any style, beginner to intermediate. Send me an e-mail to discuss details.

Welcome! - August 4, 2008

Welcome to my new website! Its hard enough for ME to keep track of what I'm doing... let alone someone else! Hope this keeps you posted on what I'm doing, where I'm doing it, and with whom! Let me know if you have any suggestions.. I'll look forward to hearing from you! -Wendi

My Beautiful Wonderful Guitar - August 3, 2008

Believe it or not, this guitar was a GIFT to me. The guitar had been left to my friend, Steve Abshire, when a friend of his passed on. Steve's friend, Harold Cawthorne, had told Steve that he wanted him to have the guitar, but that if he found he wasn't playing it, he was to give it to someone who WOULD play it. Harold (or "HG", as he was called) was very specific that Steve GIVE, rather than SELL the instrument. As it happened, Steve had other guitars that better suited him. Long story short... he ended up giving the guitar to me - with the same stipulation about making sure the guitar is PLAYED, and that it be GIVEN, not sold, to it's next owner. WOW. I am truly, truly blessed. Thank you, HG, from the bottom of my heart. I try every day to live up to this amazing gift.

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