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Wendi Bourne: Links

Girls from Mars Website
Swing music from the 20's & 30's featuring three female vocalists.
Augusta Heritage Center

This is the home of Blues & Swing Week - click on the tab that says "Blues & Swing".

Beats Walkin
Purveyors of Western and "Bop-a-Billy Swing"
Bill Dooley
Here's where to find info about the Coyotes, and our good friend, Bill Dooley.
Annie Patterson & Peter Blood
Annie Patterson, member of Girls from Mars has lots of good stuff on this site. She & her husband, Peter Blood, have edited a book for group singing called "Rise Up Singing"... Annie's performances in the Amherst MA area are posted there as well.
Tom Mitchell
Tom Mitchell's vocals and guitar work can be heard on many of the recordings posted on Check out his site and many of his other recording projects, including Dan Hicks & (my favorite), The Blue Rhythm Boys. Tom teaches at Swing Week at Augusta.
Fiddlekicks Cloggers
Fiddlekicks Cloggers are a high energy, FUN group of dancers! They really put on a great show! Rik & Wendi Bourne are pleased accompany them frequently.
Steve Abshire
Steve is an amazing guitarist. He studied with Herb Ellis, and has performed with the "Who's Who" of the Jazz world. Steve teaches guitar at Swing Week at Augusta. Check out his great cd's and catch a live performance if you can!
John Jensen
John is one of the best jazz/swing trombonists on the scene today. He started his career as a soloist with the Navy's Jazz Commodores. Check out his website and his recordings. John teaches at Swing Week at Augusta.
Liz Masterson
Liz is the life of the party!! She is a wonderful Western Swing vocalist, and plays guitar, too! She's been at this a LONG time, and is a recipient of the Patsy Montana Cowgirl Award. Her delightful personality shines in her live performances as well as on her recordings. Check out her newest CD, available on! Liz teaches at Swing Week at Augusta and was its coordinator for the first 18 years.
Gerald Ross
Gerald Ross plays ukulele and lap steel guitar. He sings as well. His recordings are the kind of music that just makes you FEEL GOOD. Gerald teaches at Swing Week at Augusta.
Ralph Gordon
Ralph plays bass on the Girls from Mars recording, Planet Swing. He was bassist for the popular band, Trapezoid. This guy is so in demand that his recording credits number over 100! Ralph teaches bass at Swing Week at Augusta.
Ken Smith
Ken Smith is bassist for Swing City. When I mention his name, I often hear: "you mean THE Ken Smith?"... Ken is a well known bass guitar manufacturer, and is also a dealer in fine old upright basses. Check out his website!